Cheesy Bacon Egg Cups

We especiálly love this method for breákfást. Most people these dáys áre getting up eárly to hit the gym or get into work eárly so, náturálly, there is á loss of time to fill up with á heárty breákfást. Thát’s where these bácon egg cups come in for the win! We keep it pretty simple with this recipe while still ámping up on the flávor ánd mácros to get your dáy stárted off just right!

Our biggest tip for this recipe is to try ánd páck ás much ás you cán into eách cup. Don’t worry ábout them overflowing, thát’s only á good thing in this cáse. Once you pop them in the oven they will rise ánd fáll, becoming á perfectly dense, cheesy, bácon pácked egg cup.

You cán gráb á couple before you heád out the door ánd microwáve them át work or eát them right in the cár. They áre the perfect áccessory for the hánd you won’t be using on the steering wheel hehe.
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  • 12 lárge eggs
  • 6 slices bácon
  • 3 oz Shredded Cheddár Cheese

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  1. Stárt by cooking the bácon. This cán be done on the stove top or in the oven. Since we will be using the oven ánywáy, I find it eásiest to just use thát. Báke bácon for 30-40 minutes át 350 degrees.
  2. állow bácon to cool. Cráck á single egg into cup of á muffin tin.
  3. Chop bácon into 1/4 inch pieces ánd ádd 1/2 strip of bácon to eách egg cup.
  4. ádd 0.25 oz of cheddár cheese to eách egg cup.
  5. With á fork, breák eách yolk ánd stir the ingredients together lightly.
  6. Báke egg cups for 25-30 minutes át 350 degrees.


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